Beth-El Community Mikvah Immersion Guidelines

We are happy to welcome you to our new Beth-El Community Mikvah!
Below are our guidelines for Friday night and Yom Tov immersions.

1) One should schedule a Friday night Tevilah only when one’s Mikvah count determines that Friday night is the earliest night one can immerse.  For instance, if one's count allows for a Thursday night immersion or earlier, immersion should not be postponed to Friday evening.  However, in special circumstances, our Mikvah is willing to accommodate a woman on a regular weekday night as well.

2) For Friday night immersions, all preparations should be done before Shabbat begins. The time of arrival will be coordinated with the Mikvah attendant on call for that evening. All reasonable efforts will be made regarding the scheduling of arrival and departure times to respect the privacy of the woman using the Mikvah.   Either the woman should light Shabbat candles before she comes to the Mikvah with the intention not to accept Shabbat until sunset, or Shabbat candles should be lit by another adult member of her household.

3) Click for a Pre-Tevilah Preparation Checklist for Friday night and
Mid–Yom Tov Immersion Guidelines where applicable.
Any planned deviation from the preparation list should be sanctioned in advance by one's Orthodox rabbi and disclosed in advanced to the Mikvah attendant when setting up an appointment.  One should also consult an Orthodox rabbi if one is planning an immersion and has surgical stitches, casts, temporary dental work, or any other issue which would require a question to be asked of an Orthodox rabbi before coming to the Mikvah.  The name of the rabbi and his specific instructions to the woman should be communicated to the attendant in advance when making the appointment so that there is no outstanding question at the time of immersion.